Sealing Services

You probably love the durability of your tiled floors. Spilled liquid and dirty feet cannot penetrate their surface, preserving their appearance and making clean-up a whole lot easier. But what about the grout between your tiles? Are you in need of grout sealing? It’s actually porous and can be stained in a number of ways: from accidental spills, regular foot traffic, and even the water and cleansers you use to mop your floors. grout cleaning and sealing can help prevent against these issues.

Our San Francisco grout cleaning specialists know that grout sealing is one of the most effective ways to protect your grout, help with tile repair, and stone.

Grout sealing isn’t just for old grout. If you’ve recently purchased a new home, protect your bathrooms or kitchen before they see heavy use. We’ll be glad to work around your move-in schedule. Benefits of Our Grout, Tile, and Stone Sealing Services

Benefits of our Grout, Tile, and Stone Repair Services

  • Protect your grout color from spills and daily foot traffic
  • Increase the ease of cleaning your floors
  • Help resist mildew in moisture prone areas
  • Enable you to change the color of your grout without replacing it
  • Beautify your home and maintain or increase its value
  • Covered by our 12-month warranty on labor and materials
  • Excellent customer service with same day/week estimate and completion of work