Cleaning Services

Grout comes in a multitude of colors. What color is your grout? Are you sure? Over time, it seems that all grout colors turn dingy and gray, or even black. It may be time for a California grout cleaning.

The good news is that your grout’s original color may still be there underneath the dirt and grime. If you look in a corner or under a piece of furniture, you might even spot a pristine section. Wouldn’t you like to see that color everywhere again? The Grout Expert can restore your grout to its original color and condition via a thorough grout cleaning. After we’ve cleaned your grout, the original color will show clearly and you’ll be ready to seal the grout against future stains.

Tiles are most often made from ceramic with a hard glaze finish; they’re easy to clean and generally do not need a seal. What is important is that you keep the grout between the tiles filled and sealed. Should the grout wear down significantly below the top of the tile line, the tile is at risk of chipping, cracking, and breaking apart.

Other common materials are marble, granite, travertine, and limestone. These tiles are available with or with out a conditioned surface, for example, honed, filled and honed, and polished. Since natural stone tile can be stained by liquids, it should be sealed and periodically resealed with a sealant. If sealed, this will assist in keeping the dirt and grim from adhering to the outer most layer of the stone.

Let us conduct tile, stone, and grout cleaning by hand, avoiding the harsh chemicals and rough treatment that’s inherent in steam cleaning shortcuts. Hand cleaning is more effective at removing dirt while protecting the integrity of your grout, tile, and stone. Contact us for a grout and tile cleaning estimate today!

Benefits of our Grout, Tile, and Stone Repair Services

  • Restore or change the color of your grout
  • Remove dirt and grime faster and more completely than you can do alone
  • Remove and replace old caulking and seals around floors, showers, tubs, and sinks
  • Preserve your grout, tile, and stone through hand cleaning and a sealant application
  • Identify and replace loose tiles and missing grout through close inspection

Problems with Steam Cleaning

With over ten years of San Jose grout cleaning experience, we have discovered several reasons that steam cleaning is not an ideal way to treat grout and tile:

  • It can be too aggressive for grout that is less than a year old
  • It can cause significant damage to the materials, including removing grout or loosening tiles
  • It may void your manufacturer’s overall warranty

In addition, the chemicals used in typical grout steam cleaning are also problematic:

  • They’re too strong for newly installed grout
  • They can extract pigments, which often modify the grout’s color
  • They may void your grout’s color warranty

Given these issues, we strongly recommend that customers utilize our hand grout and tile cleaning process. It’s safer for your grout, now and in the future, and for you and your family.